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Massey days reunion

tractor at work

RE:Massey days reunion

Can't wait to see the pics! Wish I could've made it!

RE:Massey days reunion

Sorry tried loading pic's n video from phone and it was not happening,,,  chilly out when sun was not showing but could have been worse. The display of tractors was spread out nicely. A few dozen extra tractors added for display above n beyond what Joe has.  Pictures were taken by others and hopefully some one can get some posted and I will try again later 

RE:Massey days reunion

Don't know why it won't let you post pictures on here?? I don't think it will do videos but it surely should accept pictures...

Jo and I had two cameras going through out the whole show but on the last day Jo set it on the table next to her bowl of chillie then she was called to go get more cheese and when she came back it was gone.  Apparently someone needed one of our cameras more than Jo and I so we now lost 1/2 of the pictures of the entire show... Anyone know where it could have went?