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Looking for M-H 44 Clutch adjusting rod

Greetings everyone.

I have been contacted by a young collector here in Indiana who is working on a 1949 M-H 44 gas row crop that belonged to his wife's grandfather.  He is looking for a workable clutch adjustment/engagement rod.  Part number of the rod is 21 395 A, and part number of the clevis on each end is 14 524 X.   Per the parts book it is a 3/8" rod, NF thread each end, and 28.5" in length.

It has been suggested he could probably just make one.  However, I told him I would put it on the website to see if any good Massey folks out there might have a workable one laying around, or on a parts tractor that he might be able to purchase. 

If we are successful here, it will help with my recruiting effort to get him to join the MCA.

Thanks, and Take Care,


RE:Looking for M-H 44 Clutch adjusting rod

JB       Quite sure I  can come up with a rod and clevis, just need to be home during day light hours to search.  If you have not found one by Sat I will make an all out effort to look  and get back to you.

                                                           AS ALWAYS THANKS                STEVE

RE:Looking for M-H 44 Clutch adjusting rod

So sorry, the donor tractor I had in mind has already donated the clutch rod.  I should have another one around here but have not located it.  If I find it I will contact you later.
                                                            AS ALWAYS THANKS             STEVE

RE:Looking for M-H 44 Clutch adjusting rod

Hey Steve,

Thanks for looking.  We can call off the search now.  Our young man reported to me that he figured out how to make one, and he is back in business.

Take care,