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Working Masseys

Just wondering if any of you have put your Massey's to work this fall. 

RE:Working Masseys

Right now, I have my 1135, and my 1085 pulling wagons in from the field.  The 22 rowcrop is running the auger at the bin.  After harvest, the duals go back on the 1135 to do Fall Tillage.  After tillage done, off come the duals, and put the 3 point blade on for snow duty.

RE:Working Masseys

Hello Tim,

Always good to hear/see something other than, dare I say....John Deere.....being used to bring in the harvest. I'm not sure if you're much of a picture taker, but seeing the 1135 on tillage duty would be cool. One of our smaller customers his tillage tractor is a "newer" (like from the 80s) Massey FWA tractor, not sure of the model and his combine is a MF 760. He came in the other day to drop off some wheat so I could broadcast it on his fields mixed with Potash/DAP and told him its good to see someone using Massey equipment in an area thats dominantly John Deere. He got a kick out of that comment. 

Take care and hope your fall season continues to go well for you.