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Larry Fred Gerling

Larry Fred Gerling and his wife Patti of Winfield, IA are members of the MCA, Iowa Chapter.  It was brought to our attention that Larry Fred Gerling has a severe case of COVID.  He is in the ICU.  He is heavily sedated, has been intubated and on a vent. The latest is he is stable but critical.

Please keep Larry, Patti and their family in your thoughts and prayers! 

RE:Larry Fred Gerling

Great news, Larry Fred Gerling is on Covid recovery!  He is no longer sedated.  He is off the vent.  He has been moved from the ICU.  He has lots of work to do to gain his strength back and fully recover though.  He is receiving OT and PT daily.  Covid has given him some blood clots to deal with however.  But, there is a chance he can go home tomorrow if he comes back daily for his therapy.  The Gerling family is ever so grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers.