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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Just wanted to wish the entire Massey community a Very Merry Christmas!

No playing in the snow here today.  It's been raining all day...  If it had been cold enough, this would have been a bunch of snow!!

Take care,


RE:Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Like JB we've just about had the most unChristmassey Christmas on record. I've just been out to the shed to wish all my old girls a happy New year and to check that all is well.  It's been the warmest Christmas day I can remember in my 87 years so there's something ine this climate change after all. It was good to see Joe taking his Sawyer Massey for a spin. Well done Joe!. A happy and prosperous new  year to all Massey enthusiasts wherever they may be.

RE:Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas from Southwestern Indiana. No rain here, but is the warmest Christmas I can remember (that's not a complaint just an observation). This time last year it was 24 degrees with a windchill that felt like it was -10. Hope everyone has a happy new year.