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Massey Days Reunion Banquet Tickets

Hi Gals, and Pals.  I received a call from former President Bush on behalf of the Armstrong Family today.  Seems I have overlooked the deadline for the Banquet Tickets @ Massey Days hosted by Debbie and an ever growing family June 2.3.4 2022 at El Paso, IL.  So, I havewrote my check and am mailing it tomorrow.  If your into good times take my advice and do the same.  See you there.  Tim ( sometimes late ) Pace


RE:Massey Days Reunion Banquet Tickets

Good morning Tim        Don't feel bad I also got a call fron current Chairman of the Advisory Council and past president Bush that the Armstrong family had not gotten my registration for the banquet at the Massey Days Reunion.

The good thing is that under the current MCA administration we do not need to worry about deadlines.  They now have been changed to "Time LInes".  Much friendler, if you miss a deadline your dead meat.  A time line is just a STRONGLY SUGGESTED date.

Great to be able to have fun in MCA thats what the organization is all about. Looking forward to seeing many of you in El Paso in a few weeks                      Steve

RE:Massey Days Reunion Banquet Tickets

Just realized I had not sent mine in either. Will mail tomorrow. All of us late ones will have to be at the end of the food line. lol