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Massey Days 2022

Here is a link to a video clip from the Armstrong's Massey Days 2022 show. What a wonderfull show! There will be many more pictures posted on the Gallery soon as Jo gets some time to upload them. 

Click on Link,
(1) Massey Days 2022 - YouTube


RE:Massey Days 2022

What a great video!!  Who had the drone that took this fabulous video?

Thanks for sharing.


RE:Massey Days 2022

I was not able to be there but now I feel like I was. Thank you so much for that wonderful video, the whole family enjoyed it. I was eyeing up that Pony with the rear mounted planter in the gallery too. Great show, Sorry I missed it. Maybe next year.

RE:Massey Days 2022

Love all the pictures of the tractors from Massey Days. Really like the 44 Vineyard, the Grey Wallis, Kevin Reeves 55 western and the patina Pacemaker orchard. Thanks for sharing

RE:Massey Days 2022

My nephew Joe Roberts took the video.  He did an amazing job!

RE:Massey Days 2022

The Pony with planter is owned by Jeff & Kemi Baxter from Cherry Valley, IL.