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A little bit of wheat harvest

So yesterday I went to this little wheat harvest show that was about an hours drive from my place so I figured why not load up the 44 Special and check it out. While there was no plowing, I did volunteer the 44 Special to be on wagon duty. It was hot but had fun, had quite a load on that wagon a couple times but the ol 44 Special never even blinked. 

RE:A little bit of wheat harvest

Nice to put them to work!  I had my wheat cut last week and used the 44 SP to pull the wagons and one had 220 bushels on it.  Was not a problem moving it around, although it was pretty dry.

RE:A little bit of wheat harvest

Nice! My 44 Special is my latest tractor I have acquired so I was looking for an excuse to put it to work! Local county fair is coming up here in a couple weeks so I will be looking to use it there too!