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44 stuck in gear

hey looking for the best way to get my 4 out of second gear?   Not sure why it stuck in that gear but having a heck of a time get it to pop out.

RE:44 stuck in gear

Hi G-town.    I had a similar problem with my 744 and it turned out to be lack of lubrication on the gear selector rods, in my case the solution was either take the gear lever off and dowse the rods and selector plungers with oil or, if your 44 has a pulley, run the tractor for several minutes with the pulley in gear. I ran SAE 90 gear oil in the gearbox as it splashes more easily when cold. I hope this helps..

RE:44 stuck in gear

Thanks for the help Jack .  Put the PTO in gear like you said  and drove it around a little for three straight  days.  Poped out of gear like nothing was wrong.