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Massey 22

Here are some pictures of my newest purchase. I purchased it on Monday, got it home on Tuesday, and left for vacation on Wednesday. I've been dying to work on it and won't get home until the 21st. But I thought I'd show it off to all of you. Now I know it isn't the prettiest 22 you've ever seen and actually I just sold a restored one that's headed for Montana next month. But as you can see the grill is from a 20 the side panels have a 30 decal on them (I assume they are the same, they appear to fit), and 26" turf tires. It's missing a belt pulley unit (one of my favorite accessories) and has a 3-point that might be factory (I'm hoping one of you can tell me for sure). 

I received a call this morning from the man who consigned the tractor to the auction. This tractor was sold new on the East side of Kansas City. I am the 4th owner. His father bought the tractor in the 70s and replaced the older 20 and 30 that they had been using before. They left these tractors in the fence row and sold them when scrap iron got high a few years back. But the 22 was used to pull a 2 bottom 16 inch John Deere Plow. He recalled his dad having to start the tractor over and over because it didn't have enough power to pull that plow in the dirt they were plowing. One evening when they were finished for the day, they shut the tractor off at the end of the field along the county road. When they came back the next morning the tractor was naked, meaning the sheet metal had been stripped from the tractor. At the end of the day, they stripped the hood and grill from the old 20 and the side panels from the 30 and put them on the 22. The turf tires were added when the rims were rusted due to fluid and they took them off an old combine of some kind. 

About a month ago the seller was visiting his sister who still lives on the old farm where the tractor worked. He drug the 22 out of the barn where it has been since 1994, with intentions of fixing it. He bought stuff to rebuild the distributor but when he received them he couldn't find the distributor so he decided to sell it. When I told him the distributor was on top he really felt stupid but seriously there wasn't hardly any other tractors like that and he knew it was normally on the side. 

So with all of that being said, I suppose that I'm on the lookout for rims and tires (assuming that 28 inches is correct since that's what my other one has) and a grill. 



RE:Massey 22

Well done Wyatt. As for tires I would try your trusted local tire shop first, sometimes they can be a little cheaper than some other places. If that doesn't turn up anything, you can give Miller Tire a holler. The rims I'd probably try to find another collector who might have a good used spare set. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for anything that might come up.