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More 175th

This weekend we held our annual family barbecue in the tractor shed fully attended by all kids and grand kids.  Stuffed them full of red meat, white meat, sausages, bacon and black pudding; pop and sweet things and all went well.  Tractor rides for the youngsters with all sweating away in 90+ heat and high humidity but they kept going from 10 am till about 5pm.  Funny how the tractors are instant starters in the high temps!

Had the 175th anniversary banner hung in the shed and much admired by all.  The 2.5 year old kept going non stop all day!


RE:More 175th

Well done John, sounds like it was a good time indeed. 

RE:More 175th

Very pleased to hear the day was a great success and enjoyed by all John, we have to admit the youngsters have the energy to keep going, great to see them interested and enjoying your passion of all things Massey.

I suppose it was way too hot for "roast potatoes", but hopefully the strawberries and cream came out ??