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Ken Gill Collection

To the Members of the National Massey Collectors Association,

I apologize for this mass email, as the grandson of a lifelong Massey collector I have been thinking of how to reach out to your collector association.  My grandfather (Ken Gill) a man that I do believe was once was a member of your association and had an infinite love of Massey Tractors passed in January of 21. Per his wishes, we as his grandchildren the 6 of us have been task with auctioning his collection. I am sure that you understand how hard this is for us to part with this lifetime of family memories. As his collection has been a part of each of our lives from the day we were born. Which is the reason for writing you. I wanted to get this information out to your members if it’s something that you would consider or want to share with them or even on your site. I know that he would have found joy to see the things that he loved so much go to great homes and to the collectors who will enjoy them as much as he did. Below, I have listed the Information about the auction that is being presented by Aumann Auction Co. Along with a few images of some of the feature tractors that are being offered. And yes, he did pass the love along for collecting and owning Massey’s. As I do proudly own and show and pull my 444 when possible. But unlike my amazing late grandfather, I just don’t have the garage space that he had! I thank each of you again for taking the time to read my email and for keeping the fire alive for all of us Massey Harris collectors out there, Big or Small. Sincerely Ken Cuatt.             

For those interested in a chance to own a rare piece Massey Harris history. Open Bidding has started at Aumann Auctions.

RE:Ken Gill Collection

Ken Gill’s collection of Massey Harris tractors & other equipment is now open for bidding. On the following Aumann Auction links.
Massey Harris Tractors: Lot closes November 14th
Ken Gill Tractors, Implements, Vehicles, Parts, and More (
Ken Gill Implements, Parts, and More (
SIGNS, TOYS, AND MEMORABILIA: lot closes november 15th

Ken Gill Signs, Toys, and Memorabilia (