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Ron Yanos

I've been asked to post this...

Ron Yanos of Illinois is a long time MCA member.  He is also a Veteran.  He served in the Army during the Vietnam War.  He has been selected for an Honor Flight during which they have a “surprise” mail call.  This mail call is to be reminiscent of military mail call.  Veterans are given letters, cards and messages from family, friends and community members thanking them for their service. 
And that is where you come in.  We need as many of us to participate and shower Ron with cards thanking him for his service.  Remember this is a surprise!  So please DO NOT tell Ron. 
All cards must be received no later than August 11th which does not give us a lot of time. Please mail your card to the following:
Ronald Yanos
c/o Joan Bortolon
57 Country Place
Springfield, IL   62703
Thanks much everyone.  And thank you to all the Veterans that served or are serving!

RE:Ron Yanos

Update:   We have been told Ron had a great flight.  It was truly memorable.  He wants to thank everyone for sending cards for his military mail call.  Many thanks to all!