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MasseyHarrisPony - (4/22/2022 2:30:09 PM)
RE:Spring meeting '22

Hello all, 

I competed at state today with my speech, I didn't place but it was against area and state officers that do this stuff everyday. 

Even though I wasn't successful in speaking, I placed second yesterday in my proficiency award for Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance. This award was based on my project of working on, selling, and restoring my tractors. 

My FFA speaking contest career is over and I can't tell you how important the Spring Meeting was to me. I want to personally think each and every one of you who encouraged, helped, or just told me good job. It really meant a lot to me and helped my journey progress. I have learned a skill set that I will never lose and thanks to everyone who helped me though this, I will always have these wonderful memories of the hard work that gave me so much for me to use later in my life.