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Khanson35MH - (7/5/2022 7:26:25 AM)
1935 Massey GP
I am now the 3rd generation owner of my grandfather’s GP, which my father found after years of it being out of the family.  It's serial # 302808 and was confirmed as being my grandfathers by my uncle who still has the business books from the farm/dealership. My grandfather, a farmer also sold Massey Harris equipment and had two with his dealership.  He kept one and sold the other.

My father did quite a bit of work on it and painted it the original green.  He also but the rubber treads on it.

It has sat for much of the last several years and as I check fluids, etc. I am confused on the oil level for the gearbox. I have looked at the manual but still can’t figure out how to tell the proper level of oil in the forward gearbox by looking in the 3x5 access hole (17, plate 1) from the rear box as explained in the 60 day lubrication section, page 5, of the manual. That refers to an oil level of just under the sliding shaft bearing retainer (1, plate 28). My confusion is that the bearing plate referred to in plate 1, plate 28 (I think) is on the front of the gearbox and can't be seen through the access hole at the rear of the gearbox? I filled my gearbox so that oil would go in and be even with the 1.5 dia. or so hole next to the bearing towards the top at the back of the gearbox (from the front box to the rear box). But now I have a full (to the top) engine oil pan. (and probably a leaky rear engine seal). It also does not appear that these two boxes are self leveling as the front gear box was initially quite a bit lower than the rear box.

Any help is much appreciated.