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JoePoncelet - (7/6/2022 9:39:14 PM)
RE:1935 Massey GP

The 1/4" drain plug straight down below the center of the clutch area should be cracked open once a week just to drain off any water condensation, when oil starts comming tighten it back up. The clutch on the GPs is an oil bath clutch and is always submerged in oil. When the engine starts and is running the teeth on the flywheel pick up the oil and throw it at the differental and over the wall in the lower transmission box and back into where the gears are located. I will post a picture with yellow arrows to show where the oil goes.
If I where you I would pull the lower pan off the transmission, it is only 8 bolts there is a drain plug just to the left side of this pan to drain the oil out. If this pan has not been off for years you will find alot of gunk in there, clean this out as it will eventually end up in your engine bearings if left in there. If you compleatly drain the transmition take out the 1/4 inch plug below the clutch and drain that too. Once compleatly drained and new gasket is made put the pan back on and fill with 4 gal &1 qt of regular engine oil. 
If you have this pan off and opened up it would be a good time to drill and tap a 1/2" plug hole so you know when it is full. This plug is 1' above the housing where the PTO bolts on and 13 1/2"  down from the top of the transmission. I know this is alot to digest but I hope it helps