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JoePoncelet - (1/15/2023 11:58:30 AM)
RE:Massey Shirts thread #2
Here is s shirt design from a show at the Little Log House show grounds near Hastings, MN. This was from back in 2004 when they featured Massey. This is a bit different style shirt as it is a sleeveless shirt like a tank top style. I believe the reason they went with this style shirt is that every year they have this show it is like 105 degreese there in the shade.. This shirt is not one of my most favorite shirts. The imprint on the front is like wearing a rain coat as it is like rubber. A good shirt to wear if your going to be eating and spill on your self as you can just wipe it off because it won't soak into the shirt. You may recognize some of the people or tractors in the pictures.