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To All MCA Members

For those of you who are avid watchers or participants of this site you may have noticed there have been a couple threads missing on here recently, the reason for this is I Deleated Them.

My wife and I have been in charge of the MCA website for about ten years now and have watched two of the MCA web sites ruined in front of our eyes from bad unwanted behavior.

We will NOT sit back and watch this happen again after the MCA has spent thousands of dollars, time and energy putting this site together.

This site is for the avid collectors to share information about the hobby we all enjoy. It is NOT to vent personal frustrations.

If the person or persons continue posting unwanted material on here they will have their privilages revoked permanently. We have received numerous emails and phone calls supporting and encouraging this action. There is no website on the internet that would put up with this type of behavior and we as the MCA committee will not and cannot either.

We have spent several thousand hours and a great deal of our own monies getting this website to what it is now as you see it today and are not going to sit back and watch it destroyed.

MCA website committee
Joe & Jo-Jo

RE:To All MCA Members

Joe understand completely.  Can we all just use this site for conversations that further the  interest in the collecting and restoring of our beloved tractors.  We have meetings for that  kind of thing to be taken care of lets not do it here.  I recieved so much help from eveyone when I have a problem so I do not wish to turn people off with this kind of stuff.   You have my support.

RE:To All MCA Members

I'm a new member and need some help.

Trouble with a 44 that gas won't run to carb.

Any help would be appreciated

We live near Twelve, Mile, IN

RE:To All MCA Members


You have a problem that I deal with everyday when owning tractors that sit for any period of time. More than likely the fuel bowl orfices are clogged, or the needle valve is stuck in the carburetor.

I usually just take the fuel bowl off and stick the power washer inside the filler neck and turn up the heat and flush it out for about a half hour then totally take the fuel bowl apart and clean it with a pick and an air gun. Some times I even use the sand blaster to clean the fuel bowl housing as thats how bad it can get. Many times I have to just give up and put a new gas boul valve on for about $28,00 and that will fix the problem.

P.S. After power washing the tank, I blow it out good with an air hose then stick a heat gun or hair drier in the filler neck for about 20 minutes to make sure it is all dried out before putting gas back in.

Once you get gas to flow through the bowl and line hook it to the carburetor again and take the drain valve out of the bottom of the carburetor and see if you got gas to flow through the carburetor. Many times more than not you will most likely have to take the carburetor apart and clean all the orfices and jets with a torch cleaner wire then put it all back together with a new gasket and it should start up and run fine.

Hope this helps,