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johnfarnworth - (6/12/2012 10:42:29 AM)
RE:Massey mens' food!

You are definitely getting the hang of cooking for Massey folks!

Yes - according to British standards not a bad attempt.  Scones can be quite variable.  They are generally made as a single portion item and not for cutting up like a larger cake.  They are generally unsweetened and can be with or without sultanas, raisins, currants, glace cherries and cheese scones are also made.  Personally I like them with big sultanas or glace cherries please.  And you can make them with white, brown or wholemeal flour.  Usually slice them in half and coat each half with butter, jam and clotted JERSEY cream.  My mother always said that they should be made with sour cream and I seem to remember that they were better this way

We've just had a couple of bags of Spelt flour from Malcolm so will be experimenting with that.

Joe - you are on your way to a new career!