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JoePoncelet - (10/4/2015 7:08:13 PM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive
working on another GP today I got back in 2012 SN 303369-66 this tractor is another one with a goofed up serial tag.. it is stamped 66 but it is a 76 inch tractor. This tractor has been sitting about 40 years and I don't have all the parts yet for the Overhead valve engine so I may just put a flathead on it for now until I get all the pieces I need to put the original engine back together then switch it.

It just amazes me how them little critters get into the most difficult places. Here are some pictures of what was in the rear transmission housing. I can't figure out how they got all this stuff in there as the main transmission where all the gearing is still has good oil in it with no nuts or chewings. This little critter had to bring all this stuff up through the top of the transmission climbing over all the gears and bring it to the rear of the tractor to make his new home. I got about three gallons of nuts and chewings out of the rear housing.