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JEM_MechRestore - (9/30/2021 8:18:37 AM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive
Thanks for your response to my query. 
Based on your thinking that Kay Brunner may have made aftermarket tie rod end/ steering parts for the GP tractors, I went searching.  Found a possible connection. Part number on my GPs steering part is P2512, plus maybe another digit, not sure.  I found a reference to a cast wheel weight with Kay Brunner Steel Produsts INC on one side and P2148 on the other. Ref. Yesterday's Tractor Company,   Farmall & IHC Tractors discussion board,  post by Dave in CT, May1 2004
So JoePoncelet I believe you may be correct about Kay Brunner having made those parts.
As for the tag being replacEd, that is intriguing.  What s/n do you think the tag change occurred?
I can send some closeup pictures on my tag if that would be helpful. Perhaps the size or style of the stamp used to stamp the tag may tell you something. Just let me know.