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Pay Pal??

Can it be confirmed or otherwise that we can now renew or take out subscriptions to MCA using Pay Pal.  I believe that it was planned.  Have the directors now organised this?

Thanks, John

RE:Pay Pal??

Hopefully not. Paypal is very disgusting on this side of the world.

RE:Pay Pal??

Happy New Year John!!  

You can not imagine how timely your email about PayPal is!!  I had spent about an hour on the phone last night with Brenden finalizing things. In fact, I woke up this morning thinking of YOU!!  (of course that is scary in itself!!) 

We are VERY close to launching PayPal!!  In fact, later today I will probably be sending Buck a test page for membership.  With that thought, I woke up thinking I might send you a test page as well. 

We want to make sure everything is working properly (you get notification from PayPal, we get notification from PayPal, money gets where it needs to be, etc) before we open it for general use.  I think I have about 6 years of membership just testing with my credit card so I am willing to share the wealth!!

We are currently just figuring out exactly what information we need and how we can make renewals and new memberships more seamless.  All that is internal and does not effect the end users.

Brenden is working as we speak (type) on placing the PayPal buttons where we think we want them.  I am writing instructions to post on the web site as to the process.

The capability is finished, now it is making it usable to our members.

Thanks for asking John.  If you want, I will send you a test version later in the day so we can take some of the Queen's money from you!!  LOL!!!


RE:Pay Pal??

Hey Jerry will will still take your cash, check or tractor (must be restored or a very good original) for payment as well!!

RE:Pay Pal??

To everyone else - 

Because we are dealing with YOUR money and the money of MCA we want to make sure we get this correct the first time.  Our plan is to launch PayPal capabilities in three phases:

#1  - launch PayPal to all those who are MCA non-chapter members first.  This allows us to work with a smaller test group and the transfer is a very simple process.  Non-chapter members include several individuals who live outside the US borders.  When they send a $35.00 check for membership, it costs MCA $15.00 to cash the check!!!!  (Most make an effort to find an international money order or US dollars to send in the mail - probably not the best solution!!) This process will eliminate all of that, plus it will be instant instead of depending on the USPS.  Of course, anyone can use it, but it is a win/win for our non-US members and for MCA.

#2 - Once we are comfortable with the non-chapter memberships we will offer it to Chapter members,  There are some hoops we need to jump through to make that part of the system work for us.  With two different receivers and the need to share demographic information with the chapter Membership Chairs makes it a bit more challenging.  We will probably have to adjust how we process these memberships in a slightly different way. Hopefully, this will launch at the Spring Meeting in March.

#3 - Once that is completed, we plan create a "store front" so you can purchase MCA items from the web site.  Probably the first items will be the DVDs and patches we currently have in inventory.  Other things might include hats, shirts, or other things you as a member would like to have.  This "store" will eliminate packing up all the inventory and manning a booth at shows (something we do not do a good job of now) and it will be better managed.

Things are moving, even if it is a bit slow.  Unfortunately, since we are all volunteers doing this, we get to it as we can!! Thanks for understanding.

Hopefully this will help some of you better understand where we are headed with PayPal.  We still want your input as to how we can make it easier for you to be a member and to mantain your membership.

As things progress you will be the first to know!!

Thanks for using the web site and please tell others!!


RE:Pay Pal??


Thanks for the info up date and I am delighted things are progressing along the Pay Pal route.  It makes things so much simpler for us all to have membership automated - particularly we overseas members who otherwise have to mess about buying dollars to post over with the chance of loss in the post etc etc.

Not sure when my membership is due for renewal but just let me know and get it on automatic!

Gerry - sorry I have to disagree with you on this one!

Happy New Year to all.


RE:Pay Pal??

Great progress to hear electronic payments will soon be live for MCA members, as we all keep saying the world is so much a smaller place and to keep the global trade ball rolling you have to keep up with the modern technology and ways for all Massey Collectors Worldwide to enjoy their passion of Massey, be it subscriptions or purchase of merchandise it is all good for trade and discussion amongst like minded people.

Before the internet came along I had to jump on a plane and come across to The Wild Harvest National Shows for my Massey fix, just shows how times are changing.

Well done,


RE:Pay Pal??

I am pleased to say we had our first new member of MCA for 2014 on January 1!!  And it was done by PayPal and it was outside the US!! 

 We have discovered a couple issues with that first transaction we will be working on but the bottom line is - it WORKS!!!

Now to make it pretty and easy for the rest of us!!

Definitely, a smaller world.  I would never thought 10 years ago we would be "talking" daily from people around the world.  All the more reason to get on the plane and travel.  Not so much for the Massy stuff anymore, but for the people we have met!!

"Old Masseys collect the nicest people!!"  I am sure Don Snyder had no idea his statement would be reflected worldwide!!


Pay Pal Is Ready!!

Most of you know your MCA membership renewals are due on the first of January every year.  It is only natural that we proudly introduce a new, improved and efficient way to renew!!  After several months preparing, we are ready for you to try PayPal as another method to pay your MCA renewal.  

Today this is for only those who can currently log into the web site.

If you wish to join a local chapter as well as the national organization do not use the PayPal button at this time.

 Here is how to make it work:

#1 Log in to the MCA website using your user name and password.

#2 Once you log into the web site click on the "Chapter" button along the top of the main page.

#3 This will bring up a listing of all the chapters within MCA but click on "National Massey Collectors Association."  There you will find the Subscribe button.  

#4 When you are ready, click on the "Subscribe" button. This will prompt you to log into your personal PayPal account.

From there you will use PayPal like any other purchase you might be conducting.  You will note the fee is $36.75 ($35.00 + 5%). This will help cover some of the fees associated with PayPal and any currency conversion fees.  You will also notice that it is an automatic annual renewal. However, you may opt out of that feature by following the instructions on the PayPal message you will receive.  Most people will allow the system to automatically renew their subscription on the anniversary date so they won't miss one issue of the Clipper newsletter!! 

For those wishing the join through a chapter please contact your Chapter Membership Chair.  If who wish to continue to pay by check, cash, money order or your favorite tractor you may do that as well, just like you have always done it!!

If you want a good accounting of your purchase, want an invoice, want immediately response and do not want to go to the post office, buy a stamp or purchase a money order - you might want to try PayPal!!

With this being our first introduction to PayPal for membership, we are interested in your feedback.  Please email your comments to me at:


Of course, if they are positive feel free to post them here!!!

Let us know what you think!!



RE:Pay Pal Is Ready!!


Will I get an automatic reminder to make a new subscription?

Thanks, John