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johnfarnworth - (1/23/2018 4:52:05 AM)
rare MF 35
This weekend I came acroos this photo of a rare MF 35 tractor.  As can be seen it is a "stilt" tractor.  It was made in very small numbers by the Lenfield Engineering company who also earlier made a narrow version of the grey Ferguson tractor

This tractor was called the Lenfield MF 135 Flamingo Conversion and was designed for use in blackurrants.  It had a ground clearance of 4 ft 6 in and wheel width adjustment of 70-90 in.

I have seen odd conversions such as this on grey Fergusons  in N America.  There is currently one sitting in a yard in Ontario which hasn't moved in a good number of years and another in collectors hands in the USA.  These stilt tractors are interesting but difficult to carry around

I don't know if there is a surviving example in the UK.