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Vintage farm toys

Hello all,

Like most of you I too collect farm toys as well as real tractors. I'm hunting for ones that arent made anymore (like the 1/16 scale Massey Combine etc.etc.). I'm open to all US and Canadian brands, would prefer 1/16 scale, but open to other scale sizes for the right price. I'm in no hurry, just asking if you all could keep your eyes and ears open as I keep hunting. One I would really like to find, but has eluded me so far, is the Spirit of America Massey 1150. Just thought I'd throw this out there.


RE:Vintage farm toys

I think the Spirts were 1155s .Randy

RE:Vintage farm toys

Randy is correct.  The Spirit of America tractors were MF 1155.  The Spirit toys I am aware of are the 2000 NFTS Toy Farmer, which came in both 1/16 and 1/64 scale.   Ertl made a plastic model of the MF 1155 Spirit as well. 

I'm attaching a photo of mine.



RE:Vintage farm toys

Did I say 1150? Oops....I meant 1155, guess it pays to proofread, haha.