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Massey 33D wiring conundrums

Hello All,

Here's one for all you mechanics. So today me and dad commenced to rewiring my 33D. The tractor is being switched from positive to negative ground. So I had the generator rebuilt and switched over as well. Put all new gauges, key switch, push button switch and wires as the old wires were pretty much a fire waiting to happen and just an over all mess. When I first got the tractor, the key switch had broke, so previous owner just hotwired it from the solenoid behind the starter (part 27 in the parts manual) directly to the push button switch. According to the parts book and operators manual, there is supposed to be a circuit breaker on this tractor, but somone had just slapped some wires together in its place and hooked it to the solenoid. Now keep in mind that along with the nonexistent circuit breaker, the heater switch for the block heater and hour meter no longer were working and the wires had been cut. I decided to just leave the switch in the dash and just get rid of the wires as I doubt I'll be running it much in the winter and the block heater itself looked quite questionable. The hour meter I just left for decoration. So with that, we tried to wire it up similar to the diagram thats in the operators manual. When we began to connect everything, we connected the wire from the solenoid to the starter switch and the tractor rolled over without the key switch being on or one of us pushing the push button switch. When we tried to use the key switch and the push button switch, nothing happens. So does anyone have any ideas? Could the solenoid be bad? Would switching wires on the solenoid help? Could we have something on the battery side wrong? Are we missing something obvious and were just not seeing it? I'll be the first to admit, I don't know that much when it comes to wiring and that's why I had dad help me because he knows more about it than I do and he couldn't even figure out what we did wrong. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


RE:Massey 33D wiring conundrums

Im just in the beginning stages or rewiring my 33D also.  If you ended up getting this all complete do you mind sharing and letting me know what you did?  Also did you use 8 guage wire for the most part?  Thanks.