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Hi all and Merry Christmas,

I came across a picture of this 1955 MH ad on the Massey Harris/Ferguson Collectors facebook page. I find this interesting because I have never seen a 44 Special standard with a 3pt hitch and quite honestly didn't think it was even possible with a standard. Supposedly this was called by MH the "Hitch-All". I'm sure most of you have seen this ad before or knew this was offered at the time, but has anyone ever actually seen one? I know a 44 Special standard alone is hard to come by, much less one with this setup like in the ad. Just thought it was neat.



About twenty years ago, Lloyd Westerlind had a 44  Special Standard with Hitch-all and a 444 Standard with the usual 3-pt. set-up as well. They were out in his big east field, and looked to be in decent shape.  

While perhaps uncommon, there is no reason the systems wouldn't work on "standard" tractors.  There may have been some adjustment of the steps to accomodate motion of the lower links, but I really don't recall.

At that moment, Lloyd had some other things that interested me more so I passed on these.  Seems like when I was there in following years, they were gone.  Probably wound up in someone's collection...who's gottem'?


Very me I think it would be a bit of a head turner at a show. Who know's, maybe one will show up at MENA if they have it this June.....,

I take it these tractors were in the western half of the US? Or Canada?