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Just joined the Massey Collectors Association,  thank you for the chance to learn, and share,  about Massey tractors and implements. I have a lifelong appreciation of tractors and all things mechanical. 
    Recently bought a Massey Harris GP 15/22
hasn't run in about 30 years, on rubber tires
needs a cast steering wheel, correct air cleaner and correct magneto. S/N 300182
  Lots of GP questions soon...


Welcome aboard! Where are ya from? 


Hi Dakota,
From the USA, living in San Diego California. R&D machinist by trade, 45 yrs.  Presently own 3 tractors,  the MH GP, a 68' Nuffield 4/25 (undergoing a through restoration, had sat for 7 years, doing engine rebuild now) and a homegrown 11 hp garden tractor, built in 92'.

 Dakota,  what about you?

Photo, is a MH GP fan pulley about to have its pulley V remachined( light skim cut, rusted more on one side then other)



Nice! I'm from southwestern Indiana, I have 4 tractors and they are: 1954 Massey Harris 55 gas, 1954 Massey Harris 33 diesel, 195? John Deere 40 and a 1962 Minneapolis Moline M5 LP. As you can see I'm not committed to any one brand, haha. I'm one of the younger members of the MCA, didn't grow up on a farm, but have always loved tractors. 

As for your photo question, Joe or JoJo Poncelot should be able to help you with that one because I'm not entirely sure myself.


Glad to see you made it on here! Don't have much time to chat right now as we are leaving in the morning for Pensylvania. 
When you emailed me with the serial number I thought it sounded familar so looked through some of my pictures and found some of your tractor from about 10 years ago. Looks like it has had it's radiator stolen... In the pictures I have it looks to have had a pretty nice radiator before someone cut the core out of it. Here are the pictures I have of your tractor.


Joe Poncelet, Thanks for the pictures, most kind of you.   Do you recall how these came to you? Had you seen this tractor in person? 
All indications are showing this tractor was a ltitle darker then a medium green, with yellow( similar to Caterpillar yellow) wheels.
My reading suggest many tractor manufacturers in the 30's could have variations in say their "green color" due to buying from different paint vendors over time. Or is there a "Massey Harris GP green" I need to duplicate?
Is anyone maintaining a data base of GP tractors,  with their s/n , condition, specifics, and owners. 
Any concensous of just how many GP's survive?