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Question on Rear tires on early 1947 M-H 55

It has sure been quiet here on the website.  No replies to the last few questions I have posed.  But, I'm going to try again.

My early 1947 Massey-Harris 55 has the 201/202/203 type of rear fenders.  They don't seem to have as much vertical clearance to the tires as the later style fenders.  My tractor currently has old 15-34 tires.  There isn't much vertical clearance between the lugs and the outer curl of the fender. 

After coming home from the Penfield show, the right rear tire went flat.  It will now hold air for about three days before going flat again.  I suspect due to some age checking and cracking the old tire has pinched the tube.

I would like to put a new set of 18.4-34 tires on it, but am concerned about the clearance when I compare the tires on it now to the tires on the 555 parked next to it.

So, my question to y'all is this:

Does anybody have experience putting new 18.4-34 rear tires on an early 1947 M-H 55??   Do they clear the fenders??