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MH 25 Complete

1936 MH 25 - 8 years and way too many $$$ later I have a runner.  The only solace in spending way too much to restore a tractor is knowing that a one time basket case was saved from the salvage yard.  Seized pistons with tops broken out, stuck lifters, cracked head, bearings all needed redone, tires shot, wrong steering box, on and on.  Many man hours, several parts scavenging trips ( including one to Minnesota from Ohio) and a several fabrications later it's done.   Thanks to everyone who answered questions and helped find parts along the way.  

RE:MH 25 Complete

Well done and love the patina.

RE:MH 25 Complete

Congratulations jeffk! Another lovely old tractor brought back from the grave..
                                                                                                      Jack.(25/40 69069)