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Last Year for Kessel's Massey Parts & Sales

This will be the last year for Kessel's Massey Parts & Sales.

Sandy and I decided that 2023 will be the a good time for us to quit selling Massey Parts &


We will only be selling the remaining Inventory on hand for the rest of the year.

We have been selling for 23 years and really appreciate all of our Customers and Friends we've

made over the years. 

Thanks,  Terry & Sandy Kessel

RE:Last Year for Kessel's Massey Parts & Sales


We will miss you both.  You always gave outstanding and PROMPT very personal service.  Nothing was ever too much trouble to track down if it was possible.  So, from across the big ditch over which your consignments flew enjoy a good retirement (if that is your intention??!!)

Very best of luck and good wishes


RE:Last Year for Kessel's Massey Parts & Sales

Terry & Sandy,
Really sorry to hear that, you two are the best. I've sent many people your way when looking for parts and have heard no complaints. I would like to thank you both for all you have done for the Massey community. You two have contributed more than you will ever know. Thank You!
Good luck in your future endeavers.

RE:Last Year for Kessel's Massey Parts & Sales

I'm going ot miss 2 very professional peopel that truly understood customer service! Quality of your parts was always top notch. Best of luck to you in retirement

RE:Last Year for Kessel's Massey Parts & Sales

Terry and Sandy,

Like so many people, I;m sad to hear this, but totally understand.  Hopefully somebody else will come forward and pick up where you are leaving off.  I kinda doubt it, but we can always hope.

Thanks for everything you have done over the years in supporting this hobby.  Not just for carrying the parts we need, but also for all the help you have pitched in at many, many shows along the way.  Very much appreciated.

All the best in retirement!