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60 Years and still works!

From 1960-1965 my Dad ran the Massey dealership in Wanamingo, Minnesota. All my years of collecting Massey stuff I have never came across anything from his short lived business. I do however have the Goodhue County Implement lighted sign from the building and also the Massey Harris sign that hung on the building before the MF sign.
Last fall my brother and I aquired the Bellechester Creamery building in our small town of Bellechester, MN. When dealing with the former owners son he said I think I have something for you I found digging through my fathers things you may want as I know you like Masseys. I had forgot all about this but the other day he stopped by and gave me a pen from Dad's old Massey dealership "Goodhue County Implement" and much to my suprise it still works after 60 years!!

RE:60 Years and still works!

Joe - This is surely the essence of Massey  enthusiasm - the finding of something small and treasured