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March 1947 Centerfold

Many years ago I came across an old Implement & Tractor magazine while browsing the Schoolhouse Antique Shop near Racine, Wisconsin.
It's a March, 1947 edition with over 150 ads from their large supplier base congratulating Massey Harris Company on their first 100 years.

RE:March 1947 Centerfold

Many thanks Mike for posting this piece of M-H history from Racine, I really do like their wording on the stamp.

Being so local to Racine I have often wondered what "M-H related treasures" you have added to your collection over the years from "treasures taken home by M-H employees" in their time?, I am sure over more recent years there has been a constant dribble of items released out into the public domain as family households are cleared by the next generations who tend not to be interested in this type of heritage.

I am sure you have been in the epicentre of all things M-H from the Racine works over your collecting time, its now many years since first meeting you at the 1997-150th Anniversary Show in Racine which I rated at the time "The BEST of all the 150th Anniversary Shows around the world"