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Massey Days 2020 as well as More Massey Days 2020 in Bellechester, MN had been rescheduled to October and Happened as Planned

Despite the country's unrest and covid pandemic the Massey Days scheduled for June, postponed until October went on as planned.  Over 50 people checked in to the event Thursday.  Many returned on Friday with an additional 70 people.  Many more returned on Saturday with an additional 70 folks.  Total from 10 different states was about 180 Massey enthusiasts. 

135 of Joe Poncelet's tractors were socially distanced on display with another 35 plus brought in by others.  Fred Heidt, Dennis and Suzie Roundy, Dennis Brown, John Brown, Wes and Debbie Armstrong, Randy and Kathy Arneson, Tom Seaberg, Glen and Reid Wondra, Scott Steever, Ben Poncelet, Matt Poncelet, Dan Poncelet, Rod Poncelet, Tyler and Alex Hausner and Gary Harvey all brought in loads of tractors and/or implements for display. 

Many donated to the benefit auction to include benches made by Gary Sager and Fred Heidt as well as chairs made by Randy Arneson.Kay Brown also made slippers in memory of Jo Jo's mom who passed from Covid in April.  Please Note: There were so very many items donated too numerous to mention.  All was greatly appreciated as well as the bidders!!
Snowmobiles and the amazing 10 year run of the Whiz~N event, in memory of the Poncelet's husky Kyra was displayed in the barn.  Folks drove their tractors around the yard for all to see and hear.  Food was different each day with food trucks for lunch, Mexican on Thursday, Beef on Friday and Pork on Saturday.  A banquet was catered on Friday eve.  A hot dog picnic happened on Thursday eve and Whiz~N Chili was served on Saturday eve.  

Many thanks to all who sent photos to the Poncelet's as their camera did a disappearing act on the last eve.  Still Missing!!  So if you have photos to share, they would love to see them.......Hope all had a time to remember.  Please Stay Massey Safe, Massey Strong and Massey Healthy.  Take care!!