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MCA Spring Meeting Reservations due soon!

Hey folks,

I know it might seem like the MCA Spring Meeting is a ways off yet, but it's closer than you think!  Time to put off the procrastination and get your plans made.

Reminder that in order to get the special Hotel Rooms rate, you must make your booking by February 8th!  After that there might still be rooms available, but they will be at a higher rate.  At this time they only show 12 rooms booked from the block.

Also, reminder to get your banquet reservations mailed in. Deadline on that is February 13th.  At this moment I have 22 banquet meal reservations from 9 different states. 

I certainly hope many of you are planning to be there, and just haven't gotten around to making your reservations.  The clock is ticking, and it seems to tick by faster with each passing year.

Git 'r dun!!